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About us

CAMOSOCK, The Holiday Gift Delivery System

Welcome to Camosock. I am Bob Gilead the owner of Camosock. I am a Marine Dad and back in 2004 I was looking for a special gift to send my daughter her first Christmas away from home as a new Marine. What about a stocking made from her “digital camouflage” uniform fabric? I had one made and sent it to her in Okinawa Japan.

It became apparent that other military family members would love to have a beautiful tailored military theme Christmas stocking. One that was specially designed just for those that had “accepted the challenge to serve”. We opened in 2006 and  offer styles for the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard. We recently added the Family Support Collection.... styles for the military Mom, Wife and Dad.

We are located in Hyattsville Maryland near the University of MD in College Park. The stocking are 100% made in the USA for me by a premier cut & sew company in Lebanon Virginia. The quality and attention to detail is outstanding. Without their sewing skills I would not be in business.

Our customers are our most important asset. They are a very small percentage of the population but are all members of the military family support community. The parents wives, grandparents and others that love our stockings continually share with others. Their efforts are truly a tremendous help with our marketing.

All orders are shipped the day they are received or at the latest the next morning. We ship USPS First Class Mail with tracking.

I can not personalize. I don’t have the equipment or the skill to personalize the stockings. All of the sewing and embroidery is done before I take delivery. But it can easily be done by a local embroiderer near you.

If you have any questions or prefer to order by phone please don’t hesitate to call or email me. I can be reached all days 9 am- 8 pm EST @ 301-704-8544 or email I'd love to hear from makes my day!  Love to have you as a fan.   Great pictures of all styles.